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This gallery includes cosplay pictures that are cleaner and more professional. Progress pictures and candid shots can be found in my scraps. Also includes tutorials, plushies, artwork, completed props, and other various things.


Project List

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Here is my current project list. List is subject to change and is heavily dependent on inspiration. Plushies will be for sale either through Ebay, Etsy, or a direct purchase. Contact me if you're interested in one of these to buy!

- Snorunt (for sale on etsy)
- tiny Ditto plushies (for sale on etsy)
- Bandit (for sale on etsy)
- Neko Atsume plushies
- Noivern
- Milotic
- Glaceon (claimed)
- Espeon (claimed)
- Umbreon (claimed)

Favorite Neko Atsume cat? 

10 deviants said Other (please comment!)
8 deviants said Spooky
7 deviants said Peaches
5 deviants said Pickles
4 deviants said Pepper
1 deviant said Snowball
1 deviant said Breezy
1 deviant said Cocoa
1 deviant said Mack
No deviants said Fred


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Journal Entry: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 4:26 PM
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i've still got several plushies for sale. check them out!…

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak


Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
I'm a cosplayer! I started in 2008 and have learned a lot over the years, and I still learn a lot every day. I love my hobby because it combines all my favorite things into one and I get to express my love for the characters I cosplay.
I also love to make plushies! That's actually how I started sewing.


Plush FAQ

Do you take commissions?
I am not taking traditional commissions for the foreseeable future. Since I'm very limited on the time I have to sew, I make what I feel inspired to create then sell it afterwards. You're welcome to approach me with a project, and if I'm interested, I may take it on so it would be more like a traditional commission.
For more info see this journal:…

How much are your plushies?
Typically they range between $150-$400 (not including ponies). Note me for a specific quote.

What kind of sewing machine do you use?
I have a Brother SE400 which does computerized embroidery and normal sewing. I love it so much and highly recommend it to anyone. It's only slightly more expensive than a good, normal sewing machine. If you want to design your own embroidery, you need a program like Embird, which is what I use. For Embird, you only need the basic program plus the digitizing program which will run you an extra $270. Embird's super easy to use and I designed my first embroidery in a couple hours, which includes getting used to the program for the first time. You don't NEED this program - you can find embroidery designs online. For MLP designs, E the Pony has a bunch on his website: He also has a ton of helpful entries on embroidery in general which helped me learn the ropes. You transfer the designs from your computer to your sewing machine via USB. Oh, and you have to have Windows to have an embroidery program. End of story.
The normal sewing features are also awesome. The automatic threader actually WORKS, and it also has an option to automatically backstitch and cut your thread for you after your seam is done, which is amazing. I never knew a machine could do that!

What kind of fabric do you use for your plushies and where can I get some?
I use minky for my plushies. I buy mine online because it's extremely difficult to find in stores and no one around me carries it. I get it from a variety of websites:…………
The best brand of minky to use for plushies is Shannon Minky Cuddle 3 in Smooth.

How do you pattern your ponies?
I made a post on my tumblr here about it:…

Why are your plushies so expensive?
Here's a controversial topic. Material cost is a big factor. I use minky fabric which runs $14 a yard. Embroidery supplies are VERY expensive (one spool of thread is $5.50!). If you take out material costs, and Ebay/Paypal fees which are 14% of the total, what's left is labor fee. If I sell a plush for $60, take $20 out for material/fees, and if a plush takes me 10 hours to make, that's $4 an hour. That's less than minimum wage. No one would work for that.
A huge thing to keep in mind is that this is custom made by one person. Mass produced toys are so cheap because they are mass produced. One person doesn't work on them and actually take the time to make sure they look good/accurate. Besides, the person who patterned the original prototype of the mass produced plush likely got paid a hefty sum of money and is probably receiving royalties.
If you are looking for high quality cheap MLP plushies, I highly recommend 4DE. They make accurate, good-looking plushies for affordable prices.

Can you release your pattern, even if I pay for it?
No. There are a couple free patterns out there, and a few you can pay for. Or, try and create your own pattern.


Follow my tumblr for all progress!


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